Carolina Bettker Vasconcelos

Name: Carolina Bettker Vasconcelos

Organization: Maastricht University and umlaut transformation GmbH

Why is Biobased ValueCircle an interesting project for you?

The transition to a more sustainable society, where we can raise living standards within environmental limits, is a complex and interconnected challenge that cannot be solved by isolated efforts. Cooperation is essential. Therefore, in my opinion, the most exciting aspect of the Biobased Value Circle ​​project is that we learn to work together, beyond our academic silos, areas of expertise, or nationalities. This diverse and challenging atmosphere inspires me.

Tell something about yourself which other Biobased ValueCircle people might not know yet?

I really like to cook. However, after years of following lab protocols, please do not ask me to follow a recipe! I like to cook intuitively. Even though this spontaneous process does not always result in delicious meals, it gives me joy and stimulates my creativity and senses.

How did you become a researcher / scientist?

I love learning and understanding the world from different perspectives. This trait has driven many decisions in my life, including returning to academia after working in industry for a few years.

What do you like most in your current work?

Certainly, it is the international and interdisciplinary environment where I find myself. I learn a lot from our diversity.