Biobased Value Circle is a training network. We have 12 early stage researchers (ESRs) working towards their PhDs. Each ESR has her/his own research topic and research project. All 12 topics are connected. Together the PhDs will contribute to the development of a common language and methodology to stimulate cooperation along the value circle and speed up the product development process.

The topics for the 12 subprojects are:

IRPPhDTopicOrganization (country)
1Lara BitarFibroin from tobacco cells for medical useAMIBM (Netherlands)
2Benedetta IsellaDevelopment, Production and Prediction of Fibroin based Degradable ImplantsFIT (Germany)
3Zhou FangBiobased ingredients for coating formulationsCHE (Belgium)
4Klara BangertBiocatalytic access to novel functional building blocks/ materialsKFUG (Austria)
5Francesca BertellaSelf-assembling in Poly(hydroxyalkanoate)sAMIBM (Netherlands)
6Diogo Manuel Amaral Santos CostaBiopolymer based AerogelsDLR (Germany)
7Simon SchickBiobased staple fibers from PBSAMIBM (Netherlands)
8Amanda SchmidtBiobased fiber-reinforced aortic heart valveSPX (UK)
9Federica SallustioElastin-inspired fibers for aortic heart valvesTPNBT (Spain)
10Felicitas PellengahrLife Cycle Assessment of biodegradable bioplasticsB4P (Belgium)
11Carolina Bettker VasconcelosDeveloping a common language for biobased value circlesAMIBM (Netherlands)
12Sophie GrässlerOptimizing change processes for the circular economyUMLAUT (Germany)