Training the new generation of industrial doctorates in the transition towards biobased value circles. The unique training program is offered to all our PhD fellowships. It is tailor-made for professionals working in different application fields and cannot be found in the curricula of any university.

The training program consists of:

  • Individual research project at the organization that hires you (university or company participating in Biobased Value Circle).
  • Local PhD training according to your individual needs at the university that you are enrolled to (university participating in Biobased Value Circle – also those who are recruited by a company will be enrolled to a university).
  • Network-wide training which is joint training that will provide you the knowledge and skills relevant to all PhDs (so-called transferable skills) or to PhDs specifically in the field of Biobased Value Circle. We will offer five training events (3-5 days each), and a final conference.
  • Secondments, i.e., long term internships supporting and related to your own research work at companies and/or universities that are part of Biobased Value Circle.