Simon Riepler

Name: Mag. Dipl.-Ing. (fh) Simon Riepler

Organization: IFG Asota – Home – IFG – International Fibres Group

Areas of Expertise: thermoplastic staple fibers; Biobased- and biodegradable staple fibers

Why is Biobased ValueCircle an interesting project for you?
Because one of our core R&D topics at the International Fibers Group is to work with biobased and biodegradable materials to process new fiber types out of that and have an sustainable impact on the future fiber market

Tell something about yourself which other Biobased ValueCircle people might not know yet?
I play several music instruments (trombone, tube, baritone) in different bands and orchestras

How did you become a researcher / scientist?
I have been working in the fiber industry since 2004. After my diploma thesis at an Austrian viscose fiber manufacturer, I worked as Head of R&D at ASATEC (Austrian company developing mineral fibers), including an expat period in Kiev/Ukraine. Since 2014 I am involved in the development of thermoplastic fibers at IFGASOTA and since 2019 I am responsible for the agendas on an international level in the parent company IFG (International Fibers Group) as Group R&D Director and heads the Group R&D Center in Linz. Research and development – especially in the field of all different fibers – has always played an important role in my carrier.

What do you like most in your current work?
I like to work out new ideas of how to improve fiber products with the help of my R&D team and also scientific partners and try to bring those innovations to the customers and find together sustainable applications for our future industry.